Britt of Denmark halfway to a 100, Ava and Andrew, USA in Triathlon

Britt Drud Sørensen who belongs to the group of RaceRunners able to walk and run shorter distances. But risk to stumble over her own feets, when she get the slightest tired. Therefore the RaceRunner is a wise choice for long and middle distances. In fact marathons are her speciality. She has in 3½ year completed well 54 of them so the goal of a 100 before  July 2020 is surely realistic. Britt trains in a local running club in Kalundborg where she lives. Sometimes she through her CROSS RUNNER in the trunk of a clubmate to go to a race and other times she takes the train – as Britt does not have a driver’s licence. She manage pretty much by herself to sign up for the races and do everything around number pick-up and the start also! How – By good planning!

Training with and competing alongside other able bodied runners she find quite nice and practical. ” It is nice when oother runners comes over and ask – how are you doing- how many marathons have you nailed by now?”, she says.

“However it would be great, if we were a lot more doing road races. Bo Bojsen , high amputated on the one side, uses the RaceRunner in triathlons, there is a few doing road races in Jylland (Vestern Denmark, edit) and then Rie on Fyn also likes to train and compete on the road”.

“I hope, we in the coming season, can put more focus on how fun and fine it is to be part of the recreational running community and find good races and event to do together”.

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American teenagers Andrew Donohue and Ava Hardy did a sprint triathlon, completing the running distance on their PETRA RaceRunners.


SwimTranAndrew Donohue, age 15 (diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dystonia) and Ava Hardy, age 13 (diagnosed with cerebral palsy) took the challenge of a co-working the 2014 Osprey Sprint Triathlon in Snow Hill, Maryland, USA, together with their partners from Athletes Serving Athletes (ASA). Ava particitpated with Jaime Toner, and Andrew with Jill Fears Matt Cook.

“The RaceRunner and Tret are amazing pieces of equipment and are vital to the success of our triathletes. These devices allow them to fully participate in a triathlon. They are swimming with their legs (when weather permits the use of the swimming boards), they are pedaling with their legs and power, and they are running with their legs and strength. They experience all parts of the triathlon, including the brick legs that happen after a bike- to- run transition. Being pulled/pushed in adaptive equipment was not an option for these two… they wanted to be full participants! They earned their new titles of triathletes,” says Jaime Toner

AvaRun“Being able to participate in Athletes Serving Athletes with her RaceRunner has been one of the major reasons for Ava’s improving self-confidence (she struggles with an anxiety disorder). Also, RaceRunning has been the foundation of a wonderful friendship she is developing with Andrew, says Avas mom, Lisa Hardy, and continues:

“I am so grateful for all these positive experiences and for all that you do. I know that when Ava is out there racing, she is teaching people that a physical disability does not define whom a person is.”