Health & Rehab

FF_IMG_0885All of our products are targeted people having limited to nearly none standing or walking ability.

Due to the personal adjustment of our products, the mobility level of the individual user is greatly enhanced. It may be hard to believe, but people who previously were not able to walk by their own force, have been able to complete half- and full marathons using our running bikes.

Our walkers and running bikes stimulates the 5 systems: central nerve, cardio-vascular and muscles as well as the senses and the hormones. Combined with the social context the products can be used in, the walkers and running bikes can give a significant boost to your personal development.

The experience of being able to do the same kind of things as non disabled people – jog in the forest, take the dog for a walk, do a recreational race – gives you something to talk about that others can relate to, and helps you be a part of society.

Our products empower you by strengthening your mobility, and thereby gives you control over your own body and life, and the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Please enjoy danish article about adult & seniors active living with health & mobility challenges on page 14, European Media Partner Magazine:

Det rette udstyr øger livskvaliteten

We excuse it is only in Danish.