RaceRunning fik Kulturministerens Para Sport pris 2017

Mansoor Siddiqi, COnnie Hansen, Copenhagen, Havneløbet

The DAY RaceRunning was born

The Danish sports Award show 2017 was a celebration of Para Sport in it many formats. Mansoor and I thanks deeply for the Minister of Culture Affaires Para Sport Price 2017 recognizing our work to develop RaceRunning as a sport. Also thanks to everyone for celebrating it with us and make some noise!

Read our Danish and English press release.

UK: http://www.racerunning.org/FrontPage/default.asp?action=showarticle&articleID=410&id=15

DK: http://www.racerunning.dk/FrontPage/default.asp?action=showarticle&articleID=409&id=

Handicapidrættens Videnscenter who were one of our supporters got a fine long article on their page (in Danish, so sorry – try google trans): https://www.handivid.dk/idraet/praksisudvikling/det-startede-med-et-cykelstyr-et-stovsugerror-og-en-gammel-kontorstol