FF ex. SITT™, size 4 (Large)

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Height chest support 93 – 125 cm,
Front wheels 200 mm, rear wheels drum brake 12½” massive,
Tool bag, allen wrinch set, 13 mm key, manual Cavalier DK 06
Typical Body Higth 150-175 cm.

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FF X-SITT is a great choice if you only need a little support in order to stand and walk on your own. Depending on your abilities you can walk indoor and outdoor.

FF X-SITT has arm and/or body support, giving a little more support for balance than a rollator. Ideal for persons that have good strength and some coordination in the legs, but need some lateral support.

The frame is fitted with support for arms and trunk front and back that you can access and exit independent. Functional eye pleasing design and flexible adjustments on the FF X-SITT provides stability to the upper body and arms. Adjustments are easily done by the enclosed tool pack.

FF X-SITT is a great choice if you:

  • Need support of the body in order to stand and walk for a longer time
  • Lack strength, balance and/or control to stand, walk or jog
  • Would like to be more independent and self-reliant in outdoor and indoor surrounding
  • Would like to improve your physical and mental abilities as well as your social interaction with others
  • Are from age 3 and up.

Where to use FF X-SITT

  • House/apartment and neighborhood
  • Shopping center, school or university
  • Playground, park, field or forest

The FF X-SITT is stabile and responsive on flat even surface and handles great even in tight places like private homes. Outdoors assistive steering may be required; hence the user may manage the playground fine. Strong users can walk on grass and even gravel. Minor obstacles and curbs can be overcome with training and concentration.

Assessments and tryouts

A FF X-SITT always needs to be customized to your individual needs . Therefore we offer full assessment service as well as tryouts.

Read more:  Assessments and tryouts

Complete our online enquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique whishes and  abilities.