CAVALIER Walker™, size 2 (Small)

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Approx. saddle Height: 42-56 cm.
Incl: Drop Down Saddle Linkage,
front wheels 200 mm, rear wheels drum brake 12½” massive, Spring CC,
massive, tool bag, Allen wrench set, 13 mm key, manual
Typical Heigth 110-130.

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The CAVALIER Walker is a combined in- and outdoor walker, for users who have better control  of the arms than the legs. With the CAVALIER Walkeryou may power walk in areas, that before have seemed impossible to reach and enhance your leisure, mobility and social life. The CAVALIER Walkeris designed with focus on basic mobility and walking pace. The unique steering system gives you firm control of turning in tight spaces as well as in terrain. Like on a bike, the handlebar connects to the front wheels. Legs generate momentum on the ground while arms do the steering. Body is safely stabilized by saddle and body support.

The CAVALIER Walker is a great choice if you:

  • Need support of the body in order to stand and walk for a longer time
  • Lack strength balance and/or control to stand, walk or jog
  • Would like to be more independent in outdoor and indoor surroundings
  • Would like to improve your physical and mental abilities as well as social interaction
  • Are from age 3 and up

The CAVALIER Walkeris used by people with a wide spectrum of problems affecting strength, balance, coordination and movement planning.

Where to use the CAVALIER Walker

  • House/apartment and neighborhood
  • Shopping center, school or university
  • Playground, park, field or forest

The CAVALIER Walkergets you from point A to B, combining mobility, physical activity and social interaction as you meet others at eye level, facilitating talk and interaction. The CAVALIER Walkercan also carry talk machine, cane, small bag or favorite toy. It will no longer be a barrier to get around.

Assessments and tryouts

The CAVALIER Walkeralways needs to be customized to your individual needs . Therefore we offer full assessment service as well as tryouts.

Read more:  Assessments and tryouts 

Complete our online inquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique wishes and  abilities.