CAVA ex. Sitt™, size 2 (Small)

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Height chest support 62 – 90 cm,
Front wheels 12½”, rear wheels drum brake 12½” massive,
Toolbag, allen wrinch set, 13 mm key, manual Cavalier DK 06
Typical Higth 110-130.

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CAVA ex-SITT is an indoor and outdoor walker, ideal for persons who have fair strength in the legs, but need some lateral support.

The front wheels are turned by the handle bar and the spring cylinder stabilizes the forward direction giving you more stability than a traditional walker. In tight spaces you make “three points turning” – like in a car to get around.

By omitting a saddle, the users full weight bearing is stimulated. Optional support of arms, front and back facilitate proper posture. Adjustments are easily done by the enclosed tool pack.

CAVA ex-SITT is a great choice if you:

  • Need stabilizing support in order to stand and walk, but not a saddle
  • Lack strength or control to walk with a rollator, but like to be more independent in outdoor surroundings
  • Search an equipment providing easy transferring on and off
  • Would like to improve your mobility and social interaction
  • Are from age 3 and up

Where to use CAVA ex-SITT

  • House/apartment and neighborhood
  • Shopping center, school or university
  • Playground, park, field or forest

CAVA ex-SITT provides good lateral support and challenges standing and walking strength and coordination. Depending on your abilities you can walk indoor and outdoor also on uneven, rough and soft ground. It is easy to get in and out of CAVA ex-SITT making it convenient at school or university.

CAVA ex-SITT can carry a small talk machine, cane, bags or favorite toy as you walk.

Assessments and tryouts

A CAVA ex-SITT  always needs to be customized to your individual needs . Therefore we offer full assessment service as well as tryouts.

Read more:  Assessments and tryouts

Complete our online enquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique whishes and  abilities.