Rio Mobility Long Walk

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Walking Bike
If you have trouble walking,
The Rolo walking bike Long Walk will fully support your weight unlike walkers or canes.
And with the Electric help that the Long Walk provide, You will get around within no time.

The Rolo walking bike Long Walk easily comes apart without tools.
It’s easy to fit in your car trunk or storage space.

All the controls for the electric model are within easy reach:
5 power levels will be selected through the display,
speedometer and odometer,
battery level indicator,
brake handles with parking brake capability,
and motorcycle-style twist throttle.

It is abel to hold battery for 24 km. with stop and go depending of the use of manual power.
There are 5 different speed levels and it can go from 7kph up to 20 kph.
Saddle higth can be costummade but standart seat heigth is 71 to 97 cm.
The battery is a 36V – 7.8Ah lithium polymer battery with a weigth of 2,7 kg.
Painted with Durable silver powder coat

Most bike accessories will work on the walking bike such as
a bell, bag, iphone holder, seat, tires, basket, etc.


This product we sell only in Denmark and the Nordic countries


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