Move twice as fast as you use to with a power wheelchair.

With the Firefly you move faster and lighter.

With a top speed of 19 kpm and a good speed to get up the hill, you will fast move from one place to another.

Firefly is, just like the Dragonfly, with a 90 degree steering that make it easy to move around.

Possible to adjust to all and can easy be snapped on and snapped of again.

You can even go off Road with the Firefly.

Really smart, light and functional electric front unit for the wheelchair. Lots of speed and adjustment options so that you can get around like you wish.

Click on the four legs and off you go.

5 speeds, up to app. 22 K/hour.  Lithium battery. Light.

Optional: Stand legs, basket and mounting bars, spacer blocks for wide wheelchairs.


This product we sell only in Denmark and the Nordic countries


User Manual:

FireFly user manual

HMI Nr. : 85467