Rio Mobility E-Steady Walk

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Rolo 3 wheel walking bike E-Steady Walk with added motor
For those who need extra balance support and security and would like to add some ekstra speed,
the trike module is a great optional add-on to the walking bike.
It is easy to attache with out any use of tool.
E-Steady Walk is wide enough to be stable but still easily fits through any standard doorway.

The Rolo E-Steady Walk easily comes apart without tools.
It’s easy to fit in your car trunk or storage space.

All the controls for the electric model are within easy reach:
5 power levels will be selected through the display,
speedometer and odometer,
battery level indicator,
brake handles with parking brake capability,
and motorcycle-style twist throttle.

It is abel to hold battery for 24 km. with stop and go depending of the use of manual power.
There are 5 different speed levels and it can go from 7kph up to 20 kph.
Saddle higth can be costummade but standart seat heigth is 71 to 97 cm.
The battery is a 36V – 7.8Ah lithium polymer battery with a weigth of 2,7 kg.
Painted with Durable silver powder coat

Most bike accessories will work on the walking bike such as
a bell, bag, iphone holder, seat, tires, basket, etc.

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This product we sell only in Denmark and the Nordic countries


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