Quads for Children and Adult

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Quads are walking sticks with four point bases and positional handles. They are designed for those with lateral but not backward balance reactions and who can take their full weight for walking.

Quest 88 provide both aluminium and steel versions of its quads depending on the strength and weight required. We also have a range of handle styles including fork handle and cane handled.
All of our Quads are sold as a pair except for the Anatomical Grip Quads, which are sold separately dependent on need for left or right handed quads.

For Children:

Size/Ref/Code Cane Handled Quads Children’s Fork Handled Quads
Height (cm) 51-61 47-57 56-66
Max User Weight (kg) 100 35 100
Foot print Length (cm) (a) 23 16.5 23
Foot print Width (cm) (b) 26.5 19.5 26.5

quad dim footprint

For Adult:
The Anatomical handle can be rotated through 360 degrees in order to achieve optimum hand and wrist positioning and maximum comfort for the individual user.
Size/Ref/Code Cane Handled Quads Fork Handled Quads
Height (cm) 51-61 56-66
Max User Weight (kg) 100 100
Foot print Length (cm) (a) 23 23
Foot print Width (cm) (b) 26.5 26.5

quad dim footprint