Nesting Tables

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Nesting Tables are designed to offer therapists, simple practical solutions for the children’s gym. They can be used as aids for sitting, standing, stepping and cruising. The set of 4 tables nestle on a mobile platform for storage. Each table is manufactured from quality grade ply and numbered and colour coded.

Nesting Tables can be used in many ways to support therapeutic activities. The following describes a few examples:

1. Use one table as a seat and one table as a support surface for play or fine motor activities. The child can remain seated, or the activity can require the child to move from sit-to-stand.

2. Pull-to-stand and then stand with the support of the appropriate height table and/or cruise around the table for play.

3. Stagger the height and distances of the tables to encourage multi-level support surface cruising and negotiation.

4. Use one of the tables as a footrest to promote alignment and lower extremity weight-bearing when the child’s feet do not touch the ground.

5. Use a single bench to practice ascending and/or descending a step or side-stepping up and down.

6. Stagger the heights of the tables to simulate steps and practice going up and down a set of stairs, crawling or stepping.

HMI No. : 89660