The FF Walker is a body steered walker for playful interaction and mobility indoor and outdoor on even ground. The FF Walker is a very responsive and stable walker for users relying more on legs and body than arm function.
    Your posture is optimized for dynamic balance and point of force centered so that the user with ease can maneuver the FF Walker around.
    Support parts are carefully fitted around your body to maximize the most active balance and movements, so that you have strength for walking and control when turning in narrow places.
    The slight tapered front makes turning and passing though doorways easy. High quality wheels, frame and support parts enable you to use your full potential. On uneven or hilly ground a push pole can be used for assistance.

The FF Waker
is a great choice if you:

  • Want to be more active
  • Find it easier to control leg movement than arm movements
  • Find it hard to control arms and to bend elbow to turn handlebar
  • Finds that a rollator walker is not safe enough or makes you too exhausted
  • Have poor eye-hand coordination and cognitive skills
  • Are above the age of 3

Where to use the FF Walker

  • Walking around the house
  • Indoor at kindergarten or a Care center
  • Shopping center, gym, amusement park
  • Outdoor in even surroundings
    People who are less strong or very spastic will be independent indoor on even ground, but need assistance outside. Stronger persons with more strength and coordination can get around by themselves outside on solid and reasonable even ground.

Assessments and tryouts

The FF Walker sometimes needs to be customized to your individual needs for the perfect fit! Therefore we offer full assessment service as well as tryouts.

Read more: Assessments and tryouts 

    Complete our online enquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique wishes and abilities.

Download the FF product sheet