Play, Development - Communication!

From birth, one essential aspect of motricity is to achieve a fundamental adaptive function: Communication.

Dr. Christine Assaiante, France

For me these words say all about the hurdles and tasks a person with a! handicap must overcome to be part of the family, society, or something greater than themselves

Think of the Co-work of the Body´s senses and the Brains

Executive and Automatic Functions!

For all animals counts: First there were a coincident movement, then sensation,

reflection, then consciousness and finally purposeful action which led to an

experience of failure or success and another experience …


Even the smallest child needs these experiences of

independent mastering. Taking the first independent steps mapping both

environments and them self is a part of this process.

What to Win though Physical Activity?

In surplus, the impact of working intensively with the

larger muscle groups comes – not only - improved muscle strength and endurance

of aerobic capacity, improved immune system, positivity mindset but also

better execution of new learned skills and ability to maintain focus.

Copenhagen Rehabilitation Researchers

finds, that automatisation of new rehab skills in improved by general physical

activity before and after the specific trained skills. Kilde: …

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