Interest in RaceRunning at DK Physio Congress

Many physiotherapists  got up early to hear, Lasse Kroman elite and Rie recreational RaceRunner tell how positive impact the sport have on their lives.

Physiotherapist, farther and coach Peter Kroman told about the sports organization in DK and international. Occupational therapist Connie Hansen told about the unique combination of body work, mobility and navigation and strong impact on brain development. Also she touched on studies from UK and NL related to RaceRunning, which will presented by their research chief at European Academy of Childhood Disability in Copenhagen i May.

Rie told that she gets much more positive response from young people in the streets when she is out on her RaceRunner than on her scooter!

Lasse told how entering a long term and committed training project builds physical strength and endurance strengthens mental resilience and confidence.

The therapists asked to the width of potential user groups and how to get started whether as therapy or sports activity. Video on YouTube: