Funding and government aid

It is often possible to get financial support from either the government or private charity funds, when you acquire a walking or running aid like PETRA, CAVALIER and FF.

But as rules and funding possibilities are vastly different from country to country, the following is primarily relevant for our customers in Denmark.

For customers in UK, Quest88 has at funding factsheet, that can be requested.

Can I apply for government support?

In Denmark Cavalier and FF as well as PETRA and the CROSS RUNNER are often granted as basic mobility aids. If it is evaluated that:

  • The need is real and persist (life) long
  • The need is not covered by other aid equipment
  • It is the most appropriate equipment

Some the PETRA RaceRunner and Cross Runner are granted as a basic but versatile mobility aid. Sometimes the social aspects (like participating in sports or scout club) are emphasized and it is regarded as a disability related in excess expense.

In general there is a positive understanding that RaceRunner and Cross Runners are both for mobility and activity and that it is a win-win situation for everyone.

The relevant laws are (in Danish):

  • Serviceloven § 112 om støtte til hjælpemidler.
  • Serviceloven § 113 om støtte til forbrugsgoder.
  • Serviceloven § 100 om nødvendige merudgifter .
  • Serviceloven § 52, stk. 3, nr. 10: Anden hjælp til personer under 18 år, der har til formål at yde rådgivning, behandling og praktisk og pædagogisk støtte (alle walkers and running bikes).

Also relevant:
Afgørelse fra Ankestyrelsen om bevilling af sportsudstyr til unge og voksne som merudgift.

Retningslinjer for Københavns Kommune for sondring mellem hjælpemidler og behandlingsudstyr.


Can I apply a trust fund for a grant?

In Denmark as well as in other countries there is many trust funds, grants and charity organizations that donate money for equipment helping mobility challenged people being active.

Often they are advertised in disability magazines or sports magazines. You can also search the internet for relevant key words like Trust Fund, Disability, Handicap, Sport, Education and Treatment.

Often they ask for information on your economy and favor applications with a personal contribution of money and a clear plan.

In Denmark there are several trust funds supporting many types of activities and purposes for people with disabilities. Some examples are:

  • Bevica Fonden
  • Vanførefonden
  • Elsass Fonden
  • Den A.P. Møllerske Støttefond
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Ønske Fonden
  • Spastikerforeningen
  • Harald og Ellen Plesners Fond