I am interested in a walker or a running bike. But which one is the right one for me?

Good question. It depends on your abilities and your needs – do you want to walk or run? Indoors or outdoors? Check out our “Which model to choose”-section.


I want to go running. Should I choose a PETRA Frame Runner or a Cross Runner?

Imagine them as two kinds of bikes: the PETRA RaceRunner is a race bike and the Cross Runner is as mountain bike. Which fits your taste and needs the best? Check out our “Which model to choose”-section.


Can I try the equipment before I buy?

Yes you can – both at By CONNIEHANSEN, and at our international distributers. Read more about assessments and tryouts.


Does the equipment need to be personally adjusted for me?

Probably. Therefore we offer free assessments, so we can make a product that fits your individual needs and abilities. Read more in our section on assessments and tryouts.


I am not from Denmark – how can I buy a bike or a walker?

We sell worldwide. In selected countries we have international distributers. See our contact information.


Can I get external funding if I want to buy a running bike or a walker?

The rules and possibilities differ widely from country to country. See our section on funding and government aid.


I am interested in the sport Frame Running. How do I get started?

A good place to start is framerunning.org, the Frame Running site under CPISRA. It has relevant contact information around the world in its Global Contact-section. See also our “RaceRunning resourses”-section.


I just started running, and my skin hurts. What can I do?

Ouch. Se our “Preventing injuries and pains”-section.