Experience days can be held for a kindergarten, school or other center or organization. If you have a group of 5 or more individuals who are interested in Frame Running, then booking an Experience Day is an excellent option. We will bring some suitable frames to your place or a nearby cycle track, park or athletics track for your group to try. Usual 2-4 hours

The day can be added a small course for the staff about Frame Running How-To-Do: Mechanical and Running guidance, Activities, and structure.


These days are fantastic social events and really help professionals, families and individuals to understand what Frame Running is all about.


These days are very much bespoke events.


Please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.


Costs will depend on traveling distance, size of group and expectations.

Frame Therapy

We understand more than most that Frame Running is far more than just a sport or activity, it's an integral part of an individual's health and wellbeing. 


In partnership with physiotherapists, we guide therapists and runner on how Frame Running can form a vital and fun role in their therapy. This can be done remotely or in person and covers all aspects of Frame Runner usage.

In addition, we can offer Frame Therapy to individuals on a PAYG basis, this takes the form of an extended assessment with some fun activities included.


Frame Therapy PAYG is offered when getting started is difficult. Or you may have been away from running and want to get back.


Please contact us to hear more.

Frame Running

in a Sensory Integration & a Cognitive Approach

Lots of research and practical experience proves that physical activity helps the brain and body incorporate experiences and develop integrated strategies, skills, and resilience. 

Further research and work prove that it is basically the same for people with neuro-, skeletal or muscular dysfunction.


Matter of in fact, physical activity navigating in outdoor terrain or training group feed and challenge the brain and body to higher level of efficiency by strengthening neurological structures and at time develop new pathways.


By mixing environment and activities to include specific sensory stimuli and cognitive tasks you can stimulate/calm the body and challenge brain. Further using the sports scene as a friendly venue to meet, socialize, cooperate and learn to make meaning of instructions is a very efficient method to build self-confidence and empowerment.

This course is for professionals working with people with disabilities and injuries affecting brain and mobility, and for sports coaches who already have some insight to the area. Course may vary from 1-2 days covering:

1.   Background of Frame Running.

2.   User groups, pros, and contradictions.

3.   Getting ready to run – fitting the bike dressing the runner.

4.   Posture and running techniques. Strapping and bandage.

5.   Practical activities mixed with running for children and youth. The activities will focus on what do we stimulate, where is the challenge, how to grade activity to runners’ perception and cognition.

6.   Use of different venues; indoor versus outdoor, repetitive structured program balanced with new experience, segregated program balanced with meeting mainstream populations as example joining a local city fun run. Peer running option.

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