Frame Football has started in the UK and Sweden among other northern European countries. 3V-HIG ran the traditional Youth Gothenburg Open and a well attended tournament and coaching clinic in November. Now we need Denmark also to get on the train – as it’s thrilling TEAM sport for children and young adults who have difficulties to run and kick the ball without the support of a walkers or gait training.

The new Gameframe® Kick from Quest is designed to make kicking and ball control easier. It enhances the experience of playing Football and the nature of skill development. The geometri differs from traditional fwalking frames and is very light.

Football GameFrame

GameFrame for mobility and frame football

Frame Football is a new way of playing the beautiful game for children or adults who use a walker or crutches for their daily mobility. Quest and CP Sport and UK football has cooperated to develop the equipment and rules for frame football. They recognized that frame users, often were excluded from playing with their able-bodied peers and needed their own format for football.