Where to use CAVALIER

Cavalier can be irreplaceable, to get from A to B, combining mobility, physical activity and social interaction as you meet others at eye level facilitating talk and interaction. Cavalier can also carry talk machine, cane, small bag or favorite toy. It will no longer be a barrier to get around:

  • House/apartment and neighborhood
  • Shopping center school or university
  • Playground, park, field or forest

Who may successfully use CAVALIER

Cavalier is a great choice if you:

  • Need support of the body in order to stand and walk for a longer time
  • Lack strength balance and/or control to stand, walk or jog
  • Would like to be more independent in outdoor and indoor surroundings
  • Would like to improve your physical and mental abilities as well as social interaction
  • Are from age 3 and up


  • Large wheels and compact design; secure stability and a Smooth Ride
  • Segregating legs for power and arms for steering
  • Facilitates balanced tonus with relevant support of pelvis, trunk and arms
  • High quality parts secure long durability and versatile user potential