About Connie Hansen

 “I love to feel motion and freedom, when I handbike. Seeing users, friends and family out RaceRunning or walking – on our RaceRunners and walkers – experience the same feeling, makes me truly happy. Because that feeling of freedom is a gloaming fire lightning dreams waiting in the shadows and generating empowerment, just like a swift with a wand of Harry Potters hand”.

– Connie Hansen, founder of By CONNIEHANSEN ApS


Connie Hansen grew up in a small city in Denmark as an active kid who participated in a lot of different sports such as gymnastics, dancing and other kinds of art and craft. At age 13 Connie had decided to climb a from tree from which she fell and got a spinal cord injury. The accident did however not stop Connie from what she loved, which was sports.

In the following years after rehabilitation she saw the possibility to do Wheelchair racing, and in 1978 she went to Stoke Mandeville Games and participated in every annual event until 1993. In 1979 she participated in a Danish 4 x 100 relay wheelchair race, and it concealed her destiny as an exceptional successful Wheelchair Racer. From 1980 to 1995 where she also got her first child, she participated in all Summer Paralympics and obtained 9 gold and 5 silver for Denmark. Doing the World Games and World Championships as well as all 800 m wheelchair race Exhibitions events in that period at Olympic Games and IAAF Championships medaling, winning and setting records several times. Also, in road races her results were impressive, consistently winning or placing in top of the leaderboard.

She became a popular athlete and got several ranking lists in duration of 1988-94, including in 1992 “Female athlete of the Year” by Danish National Olympic Organizations, “Athlete of the year” by the Danish Sports Organization for Disabled and “Athlete of the Year Runner Up” voted by the largest Danish newspaper. “Female Athlete of the Year” by Danish Television in 1988 as well the “Para Sport Price 2017″ from the danish Minister of Culture Affaires for developing and promoting RaceRunning to now be a part of the future Paralympic program.

Being an athlete herself it motivated Connie to give this kind of opportunity to others. She designed  the “Petra” a Frame Running bike to give anyone who is unable to walk or run by themselves be able to say ”I may not be able to walk, but I can run!

As the company has grown Connie has added different models and types of mobility devices to improve the Frame Running sport.