A window for independence. Meet Søs and Vilhelm on their Frame Runners

Søs tried a Frame Runner at Elsass Center in Charlottenlund when she was about 6 months old

10 month old princess on her first Frame Runner ready to explore the world.

Young Child on a tiny Frame Runner

Children down to 6-9 month seems to enjoy getting on a Frame Runner and make  use the entire body to rock forth and back, get a bit around and play with parents siblings and family.

It seems they are taking initiatives and creates their own experiences with navigation and mobility. It is worth investigating if they really benefit physical and mentally from this? and do we really help the children through early physical mobilization, says Connie , OT and CEO of BY CONNIEHANSEN.


1 year girl on a PETRA Frame Runner

1 year girl on a PETRA Frame Runner


Søs´ Mom tells:

From the time we got the Frame Runner until she started in an institution when she turned 1, it was her only option to get up and around. At first, we used it a few times a week, and as she got older more and more. When she was nearly 1 year old, she used it both inside and outside. At the time, she couldn’t manage that long, but typically a maximum of 15 minutes each time.

When Søs started in an institution, she also has other mobility equipment such as a “Arrow-walker” and a standing tabled both there and at home. This meant that we coordinated the time and the workload. Therefore, she primarily came to use the frame Runner outdoors at home and for a maximum of 15-30 minutes per session – the longest time during the weekend, when she did not spend time and energy in the arrow.

Now that she is almost 2 years old, she can easily be in it for at least 30 minutes and do shorter walks with it. On a good day she can walk just under 100m.

Outdoors Søs gets around by herself most freely, as the Frame Runner takes up a bit of space inside the house. She hasn’t quite cracked the code to steering with the handlebars yet, so we usually help steer. She can easily move both forward and backward by herself, and resist if you try to take her in a direction she doesn’t like, etc. On tiles and asphalt, it is easy for her to get around. Grass has been difficult for her, but the older she gets it has become easier.

Søs LOVES the Fame Runner and always has. Already when she was only 6 months old, she loved getting up in height, getting a different perspective and the experience of being able to move in a different way. Now she is bigger and, as mentioned, uses it mainly in our garden and for a short walk on the road in the neighborhood.

For us as parents, it has been a huge gift to be able to experience and be with Søs when the frame Runner. It gave her the opportunity to be physical active for longer times, to participate and join in. Now it has also increasingly become an opportunity for her to decide what she wants to do, and to practice the movements with her legs.


Vilhelm got his frame Runner when he was about 16 months old

Vilhelm tried the PETRA Frame Runner at Elsass Center and seemed to like it a lot. Quickly we contacted BY CONNIEHANSEN who specializes in mobility equipment also for the youngest children. Soon he had his own “My First Frame Runner”. It is light, he can move around on his own and he really likes it.

Often, he gets in the Frame Runner in the morning keeping himself entertained while we clean up the tabel and kitchen after breakfast. He also has a stander with a table, but he does not like to be that fixated and unable to move around. We tend to use the Frame Runner more often.

Young boy on Frame Runner

Young boy on Frame Runner

He uses the Frame Runner both indoors and outdoors at home. He needs some help both to steer it and walk longer stretches. But he gets the sensation of being able to get around and that he does it himself. It makes him happy. And it makes us as parents happy too. It feels good as it has been hard for all of us all this first year and a half.

Told by Vilhelms Mom


Connie Hansen: “It is important that we do not miss out on the time when the brains  window for all kinds of devellopment is wide open and we know that the first years are so important for any child. It makes me happy when a child uses the body intuitively and navigate, executing actions – as it provides sensory food for the brain”.